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Can customer support cancel order after its clearance period has passed

Can customer support cancel an order after its clearance period has passed just by saying that you did not provided what was requested by the buyer and buyer can also change his review to 2.5 stars from previously 5 stars without seller’s permission? if so what is the purpose of review modification request in resolution center and clearence period of 14 days. Please share your views and experiences :slight_smile:


Yes, They can. Previously I saw a post of one seller. He sold that gig in January. But in last month fiverr refund that money due to violation of delivery button.

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But I have not done any voilation of TOS

what is violation of delivery button? how this is can be happening?

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1.Yes if your client want he can cancel order and back his money after clearance at this moment you have no fault you contact customer support for this reason.
2.Fiverr new system is when you are not purpose review modification in resolution you client can’t change his review and rating’s.

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OP, although it may appear unfair to the Seller for such cancellation after clearance period, there may actually be cogent grounds for such actions. For example, if a Seller designed a logo and then several months after, it is discovered that the logo belonged to someone or some organization and the Seller merely copied or stole the design. For such instance, there’s every reason to cancel and for Seller to refund.

Similarly, if you paid for an article and months later, the Buyer of the article who publishes same on the website is being accused of plagiarism. Naturally, Buyer would return to CS and when the case is proven against the Seller there’s every reason to get the gig cancelled and to obtain refunds from Seller. There is no ambiguity in these scenarios.

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thank you everyone for reponsponding. After my order was cancelled and buyer was refunded, I was looking on buyer’s website and find out that he is selling my design as his own and on contacting CS they have returned me my funds :slight_smile: