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Can customer support manually accept job

can customer support manually accept a job that I am not happy with and the seller didn’t do a good job?

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The project will be automatically marked as complete in 3 days if you don’t send any modification request. If you are not happy with what seller have submitted or if you think more worked needs to be done you can send a modification request. If the project is already marked as complete but seller didn’t fulfill as they promised, you can open a ticket on Support, they will decide. Note: Fiverr do not refund according to the quality of the project, only thing is considerable is did the seller performed as promised or not. You can write your experience on the review section.


Okay but if customer support somehow says seller did deliever can they
manually accept the order without my approval?

Yes, they can.

But if the order is not complete you can send modification or cancel the request. Before involving the support you can ask the seller about your demand (improve/cancellation).

Actually, no.

CS would never manually close out the order.

There are some stipulations if you read the ToS, regarding deliveries and how if a seller delivers on time and as advertised/requested/discussed, the buyer cannot reject the order based on personal preference/taste.

So that’s the only case in which customer support will encourage the seller to do nothing further but they won’t close the order out nor will they remove the negative review that will most definitely come from the buyer.

@frank_d :wink: I mentioned that.


Oh sorry I missed that.

You also said they could close out the order.

They won’t.

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Yes or no , they (CS) will decide. I mean they can. They have the button :smiley:

They never EVER lay a hand on orders.

It’s a huge no-no for them.

They never close out orders before the 3-day clock automatically closes them out, or a review is placed. (Or a dispute opened)

Actually, I’ve read about one or two cases when CS did mark the order as complete. However, that was because the work was definitely done as advertised, and because the buyer was being unreasonable.


kind of getting mixed messages… so support will only accept orders in extremely unreasonable cases?

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As far as I’ve seen, yes. Otherwise, they tell the seller to discuss it with their buyer, and that they can’t accept the order on the buyer’s behalf.

EDIT: Also,

if I remember correctly, a dispute was opened, then another one, and another one… There was no end in sight. It was definitely not before the 3-day clock automatically closed the order.

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Best way: Ask seller a modification, if you still think the seller’s work is not worth to get paid ,open a ticket on support :slight_smile: