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Can customers ask for refund after order is completed?

I completed an order a few days ago, it was one of those clients that orders directly from the Gig page ignoring all the “send me a message beforehand” written all over it and then disappears until the order has been automatically marked completed, which it’s okay in the end because it’s their right to do so and I’m not complaining about this.

BUT, this client in particular has now come back accusing me of overcharging them because apparently Fiverr charged them double of what they should have paid and I have no idea why. Also, it’s ridiculous because they placed the order by themselves and decided the amount, I just carried out their request.

My question at this point is: can they still ask for refund after the order has been marked completed for a few days already? Honestly, I think they didn’t message me beforehand because they knew I would reject their request since it was very hard to write an article on the topic they requested given the very few information there are about it, so I wouldn’t want to lose money on top of it because this client apparently doesn’t know how Fiverr works and I don’t know what mess they made to be overcharged.

Is there any way I can protect myself? If they ask me for money it’s basically as if I worked for free and I can’t accept that.


Just relax yourself and contact with the fiverr support tell the full story, Fiverr support must help you. If you are 100% solid then your buyer doesn’t effect your profile. Fiverr helps you. Go and contact with FS.
Best wishes for you.


To be honest I would’ve distant myself from that and just wrote them a message along the lines of “unfortunately it’s fiverr that handles and process all payments. From my side I can see we had only one order placed for x$.” And to leave it at that. Fiverr also wouldn’t (shouldn’t) cancel an order if they see only one transaction.


There is the only way you can protect your account,
contact with fiverr support team, tell them everything, they help you


That could mean there was some lag or bug, or they were too impatient and clicked the order button twice while the first order still hadn’t gone through, or something, when they ordered, so they ordered/were billed twice, while only one order came through to you.

Like Maria suggested, I’d also explain that you can only see orders that get through to you, that you can only see one created order by them (order #xxx, $x), and that they’ll have to get in touch with support for any payment issues if that other amount hasn’t been returned to their payment source automatically after a while (happened to one of my customers a few days ago).


Don’t worry. Please contact fiverr customer support. I hope secure your account.