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Can customers ask me for my first, last name and signature?


Some customers ask me for my first name, last name, registration number, University or school degrees and signature. Sometimes they are people who paid me for an order and they need this information written in the documents.

Are sellers able to give this information?


Ehh I’ve never had that happen… I don’t feel you are required to give that.

There have been some customers who asked me to send them my signature with my name and surname into the documents that I have translated…

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No, you shouldn’t, not with all the scams around.


I understand.

However, I am sometimes asked by customers who have already paid me to translate texts to write that information…

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Giving any information that could be used to communicate outside fiverr is strictly forbidden - you can lose your account over it.

And anyway, as @meldawn9 said - it’s probably wanted for a scam …


Politely inform your customers that Fiverr’s Terms of Service forbid you to do that.

For future cases, you can put somewhere in your gig description or FAQ that you don’t put your name and signature on translations.