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Can customers who ticked no to having finished work shown on gig change it after?

Hello! so i had just finished some work for a customer of mine on fiver, and he had ticked not to show finished products at the end when confirming it had been finished etc, but we were going to have one of the files previewed on the gig page, is there anyway to change this?


Maybe your buyer changed their mind?

source: Fiverr Help and Education Center

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No no, that’s not the issue at all here, is it possible to change his option? or would he have to buy another gig just to be able to put it up

Looks at OP’s user name

Cautiously backs away from thread

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Wait where is this live portfolio, and Hey! I can’t change it without making a new account ;_; i’m not scary I promise

“Scary” is not the concern!

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I am behaving! I just need some assitance! ;w;

If, if, if it’s possible to change, your Buyer would have to go through Fiverr Customer Support.

It was them that made the decision, so it’s them that would have to make a ticket.

I’m not sure I’ve heard of any case where it’s worked. (So, if it does, let us know?)

Ahhh I already have the thing enabled, meaning dangit!

You can set what image is going to be used for your portfolio and client can choose to allow it or not.

You set image before delivery, in right scroll window.

Once he accepted delivery he can not change to show image in portfolio.

I did business with someone on the understanding that I would accept the low, low, low price provided it went in my Portfolio. It did not. Nothing I can do, despite that it was part of the contract he/they (as I think in hindsight they were a reseller needing to hide that they did not do this work themselves) signed.

So no Ms Kitty, I do not believe that whatever choice they made at the time will be overturned.


Aahh you’re all misunderstanding ;_; since it’s for a steam artwork the finished product was a left and a right side, being two files, and then a 3rd showing the full thing that we were going to have displayed on the gig, like the buyer does actually want it there. I have contacted support and am awaiting their next response

In that case, it is your buyer who should be contacting them though, they would stand a better chance at succeeding on the matter, if success regarding the portfolio showcase is even possible at all on that order.