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Can Editing Gigs Affect Ranking?

Should we edit those gigs which were before performing best and was ranked on the first page in search? It is about 1 month since my best performing gigs are down though these are getting some impressions and found in the last pages should I edit them or should I leave them and wait for auto ranking restoration?


As I understand it (from reading from others… so don’t quote me on this), editing it will affect your ranking for a few days before it resumes normally.

That being said, what you are experiencing is mostly Fiverr’s algorithm… where they “rotate” your gigs, so newcomers get a chance.


The rules for GIG changing are:
a) if you have mistake, wrong text, image, video or pricing
b) if you get less then 5-10 clicks per day (impressions are not important)
c) when you do not get order on it over search for 3 months

If you change two things are possible, it will sink even deeper or rise. So if you change your gig when there is no where to sink deeper it can only rise.


Thank you,very helpful topic :smiley:


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Agree with you. Impressions are not important, since they may be irrelevant impressions.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge over it. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I shared more knowledge but people do not watch or read or follow. But if it helps, great.

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