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Can Email be asked only for work?

I am in a very difficult situation right now. In one of my gig I have to use Facebook SDK and facebook Application Id and lots of setting on the facebook side. I also I have to so some settings on Google play console account.

So when Someone orders my gig If i tell them what to do they got confused and and maximum time they failed and It kills too much time too. When Buyer failed then they dont want to continue and wanted to cancel.

So, The solution is if buyer add me as a developer on facebook and google play console account I can do the work easily. For this I need to give my email address. Thats the most critical part. As Sharing mail is resticted so what will i do? Can email be shared only on for working purpose?

You are not allowed to communicate with anyone outside Fiverr. You are also not allowed to share any personal details with your buyers.

However, in case it is imperative for you to share personal details with your customers (for a particular gig/order), you will have to first contact Fiverr’s Customer Support and ask for their permission.

They will then have a look at your gigs/order and decide whether or not to give you permission to share your personal details with your buyer. ONLY if they give you permission to share personal details for a particular gig/order can you share them with your buyer.

Good luck! :sunny:

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