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Can extended delivery time cause to gigs disappear from search results

Hi Everyone,

Suddenly, All my gigs has been disappeared from Fiverr search results. I did not make any changes to the gigs. This happened yesterday. I don’t really understand what caused to this.

But i asked one of buyers to extend the delivery time because when he placed the he made the quantity 5 and asked to do one by one. Do one per day. My initial delivery time was 24 hours. Since the requirement was to make it 5 days i requested to extend the delivery time.

I don’t know if above incident caused my gigs to disappear fro search results.

Any thoughts?

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They will be back in the search after sometimes.May be in few hours time. I had experienced the same issue.

@esthernyambura still no :confused:

That wasn’t the cause, they will soon appear after some time.