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Can fiver admin come to our aid?


I’ve been wondering, if I’m a newbie and I’ve got good skills, but no one knows me because I haven’t been rated 5 star or I haven’t received any order yet. Isn’t it unfair? Because jobs would keep going to the top rated sellers, while the skillful newbies will just be there waiting. I think it’s time the admin starts moving random newbies to the top sometimes in other to allow them known too. My opinion though


Hi friend :slight_smile:

Please don’t worry. You will be able to get some orders in the near future…!!! Just stay. Make your profile better, add gig packages, sending daily offers and promote your gig on social media. Then you will be able to get orders.

Wishing all the best…!!!


New gigs are always listed first in the “Newest Arrivals” filter. Is this not sufficient prominent placement for your new gigs? Are you asking to have your new, unproven gigs placed first in the other filters – above other more experienced sellers… who have earned their top listing?

That sounds extraordinarily selfish to me.

You need to earn your placement and visibility. It’s not going to be given to you for free, just because you are new, and want your gigs to be seen first. That’s not how Fiverr works.


That wasn’t what I meant Mr, all I’m saying is that newbies should also be given a chance to be seen by buyers too. Thanks for your concern though, cheers.


And, as I noted in my previous post, new sellers have the “chance to be seen” by being placed at the top of the page in the “Newest Arrivals” filter.


Everyone started out new.

Being on top of search doesn’t help much if your proofreading gig has several mistakes. If you offer proofreading, your profile and gig descriptions must error-free, because they represent the quality of service that your buyers can expect.


Thanks man! What services do you offer?


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