Can fiverr add a talk feature along with existing chat options to buyers/sellers


For a sales/business development freelancer like me, it will be a huge benefit to talk to buyers before taking up an order


The thing is, though, Fiverr is not a chat website. People would misuse this pre-order. I could see something like this possibly being useful AFTER an order (between buyer and seller), but certainly not in standard messages outside of an order.


I already suggested this! Fiverr would be ballin’ if they did a video chat option for the seller if they were online + be charged like $2.99 or whatever by the seller. We would be swimming in money.


I agree that calling feature has drawbacks, but not uncontrollable…
Fiverr should game up to handle new challenges that will help this community grow exponentially.
I am sure many have had thoughts of similar features, should at least give these options to Featured and top sellers to start innovating