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Can Fiverr Block Account

Can fiverr block my account. if I did not use it for long time?

Fiverr won’t block your account because of inactiviy.

Thanks for your response.

I think after a very long period of time they will remove it.

As far as I know, they don’t remove an account after a long period of inactivity, but they can put all of your gigs on pause if they notice that you’re not active and that you got a bunch of 1-star reviews after buyers ordered and you haven’t delivered.


No, they will never.

How can you say that? Any link to this info?

I can say that after being here for six and a half years and observing things.
catwriter may be right, that they pause your gigs. I’m really not sure.

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@catwriter is correct. Back in the mists of time when I first joined Fiverr, I had a couple of gigs up that had very little interest. Fiverr put them on hold after a while - twice!

6 months, I think …

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Yeah agree with gigs pausing, but they never deactivate Account.

Never heard of such thing but I agree with @catwriter

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I have seen accounts that were idle for years deactivated.

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