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Can Fiverr cancel orders by force?

After two months of being on the last page, I finally reached the first page again. I already had new orders. Today something strange happened. Buyer bought my lowest price package and hasn’t attached what is needed but rather something irrelevant. He also hasn’t sent me any message.

I send him a few messages asking him what he needs, and he ignored each message. After that, I requested a cancellation. He came back online and ignored that too. This feels quite fishy… I contacted customer support. Has anyone had a similar situation and can Fiverr support team cancel these kinds of orders by force?


I think no .fiverr does not force.

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So this buyer can, technically speaking, wait the very last minute to refuse my request for cancellation and than cancel it by him self which will automatically give me a negative rating. Fiverr needs to give us the option to cancel request without approval of the buyer. I can see him online, he is ignoring my messages and my request for cancellation. This is ridiculous.

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no fiverr woun’t,
best policy is, “Patience”, keep things sort out with your buyer, may be he/she is busy, ask him/her politely about requirements, otherwise he/she gonna give you bad review

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He can’t give me a bad review if I don’t deliver anything. I can get automatic negative mark from Fiverr if he cancels it by himself once the order is out of time. I can’t reach buyer. He is online and ignoring my messages and I have nothing to work with and no instructions.

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This should not happen ever

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I don’t know why the other forum users have replied saying Fiverr cannot cancel the order for you. :thinking:

The truth is: YES, they can! They can get the order canceled for you. You just have to explain to them that the buyer did not submit the relevant files required to work on the order and that they are ignoring your messages at this point; tell them that you would like to cancel the order. Fiverr’s CS team WILL cancel the order for you.

Since you said that you’ve already contact CS (presuming it was a CS ticket requesting for an order cancellation), just wait for their reply. They should be able to cancel the order for you.

Good luck!


Thank you for your response. I think they should be able to do so, because this looks and feels like a scam move to hurt my ratings. I am still waiting for a CS reply. Hopefully, they will help.


If you suspect a scam, you should also block the buyer (after the current order gets canceled). Doing this will prevent the buyer from placing future orders with you.


I agree that they will cancel the order. I don’t know why some here say they won’t. It seems like people who don’t know the answer to the question make up something for some reason.


Thank you. I will definitely do this!



Customer support has responded to me in less than a few hours and canceled this order. They also said that they are monitoring this buyer behavior. I am truly amazed by how fast they dealt with this situation and how they have protected me. Kudos to Fiverr CS!


Yes, it can. It happened to me many times. If for example you have an active order with a user and then the account of this user gets restricted, fiverr automatically cancels the order.

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So now that the verdict is out and fiverr cancelled the order. What should be done to those who said fiverr won’t cancel the order???

But did the cancellation hurt your ratings anyway?

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It hasn’t hurt my ratings :slight_smile:

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Then you came out on top, don’t forget to block the buyer before they order from you again.


Fiverr can cancel order on your request if there is incomplete information or instructions to get started and the buyer does not respond. But there should be any legitimate reason so that customer support can help you out of this issue.

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That is a different scenario which you are talking about. But in this case, the problem is if our ratings get hurt or not. They usually don’t hurt your ratings if the seller has a valid reason to call of that particular order

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Because posting on the forum and answering other people’s questions will bring them sales, remember? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

DISCLAIMER for those who took the above literally: No, posting on the forum isn’t likely to bring sales, especially when people post nonsense, misinformation, or “thank you for the good tips”.