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Can Fiverr cancel orders by force?

Cancellations – my biggest problem with Fiverr! Your completion rate didn’t go down after the cancellation, supere?

Regardless of the reason, each cancellation I’ve experienced (duplicate order, changed their mind, ordered something I don’t do) results in my completion rate dipping.

Just happened today. CS cancelled the order MOMENTS after I received the order and my completion rate immediately dropped. It appears the buyer is no longer on Fiverr, but I have a drop in my completion rate.

Fiverr really needs to change this policy that hurts sellers.

Yes @editnow. What hurts most is when someone places order without even reading at the gig of the seller to check if the seller is providing such services or not. In this scenerio when we reach customer support, they will cancel order but they will drop our order completion rating as well. Irony is, when we ask the buyer I dont provide such services, they would just say Oh sorry I am new to the fiverr and that’s it.