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Can Fiverr Do Something About The Cancellation Rate And Accidentatly Buyers?

I really like working with Fiverr. It’s been an amazing experience, however I really think they need to do something about the Cancellation Rate.

I really try to do my best in order to evade cancellations as I like a very clean profile, but sometimes there is nothing we sellers could really do. If someone buys a gig “by mistake” and wants a refund, we could not do anything. It’s either we refund him, or they place a bad review. If we contact support, then they will cancel the order. It will still effect our cancellation rate.

The thing that makes me disappointed is that I try to do my best to keep everything clean and not getting an order cancelled, then a buyer just comes out of the blues - buys your gig and says “Sorry, I don’t want it now” or “I’ve changed my mind” and they just cancel it.

I had this happen to me 3 times. One of them just bought the package, even though I state in BIG BOLD LETTERS to contact me before doing so and he wanted a refund because it’s not what he wanted. The other one bought the package so he could do harm to me and requested me to do something I don’t do, the other one changed his mind because he found something cheaper.

I contacted support and they cancelled it themselves, it still effected my cancellation rate. This is not good, that means that my gig can go down in rating and I could get fewer sales all because of buyer’s mistake. It’s not like it’s our fault, but we still get hit hard with this.

All were cancelled by Fiverr support - and my cancellation rate still went down.

Can’t Fiverr just implement a system where we can both agree that the buyer did a “Mistake” and bought the order by mistake and THAT will NOT effect our cancellation rate? If the buyer does this “Mistake” more then a few times, then he would get a warning or something.

It’s not cool to do everything you can and still get effected by this cancellation rate in a bad way. I love Fiverr as I said, but I just wish to post my suggestion here for me and for many other sellers which is something that I don’t like.



If you and the buyer agree to mutually cancel (which you can select in the resolution center) it shouldn’t affect your order completion rate permanently. It will go down for a few days, but it should go back up to 100% on its own.

I had this happen last week. By the time CS looked at it (because I didn’t think it was fair my completion rate had gone down because of a mistake) it was already back to 100%.

Yes! I am facing the same problem! For buyers mistake, I do suffering the cancellation rate! Fiverr should come up with some solution!