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Can Fiverr fasten the pending fund clearance during this period to help sellers

Hello awesome sellers,

I just thought about something, but I don’t know if Fiverr can make it possible. The thing is, I don’t know if Fiverr can fasten the fund clearance period during this Covid-19 period to help sellers pay bills and get some things to sustain this stay at home period.



A very fine day to you Adams, I thinks fiverr’s clearance period is because of keeping the process safe from the hackers, securing your funds and the transaction I guess. But I’m wondering if you have faced with that bill troubles as how I know because of pandemic situation in whole world all payments are transferred to next month or even debts are forgiven. Are you sure you can’t avoid of paying bills in this month?


What do you mean “all payments are transferred to next month” — are you in the same country where Adams is from, and have the same bills? Here in the US it varies from state to state and company to company. Yes, many are not penalizing people for not paying — but some are saying if you don’t pay before it’s over that they will still assess late charges at the end of the period. So if you go 3 months without paying that company, at the end of the 3 months they will add $117USD ($39USD/month late fee, this is my credit card company) so it all is still due with additional penalties on top of it at the end of the “emergency” — this is not sustainable.

It would be nice if landlords and businesses could cancel rent or bills altogether. But I don’t think they are as a whole. There’s some businesses and landlords who are setting a great example, but it’s voluntary right now where I am.


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