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Can fiverr give me a warning for this reason?

Yesterday fiverr face technical interruption. On that time I got the message from two new buyers and I try to respond to their message but fiverr said unable to send. I try to send message 15 to 20 times but every time fiverr says unable to send. I think buyers also not received the message.
My question is that can fiverr give me a warning for this?
It’s not my mistake I try because I want to see when the problem solved.

Read the message from Fiverr at the top of this page. It starts with UPDATE and is highlighted in blue. :wink:

If your response rate was affected contact CS. However, I had the same issues and my response rate stayed the same.


Hi there, no they won’t. Reason, is because earlier this morning a CS staff left a message that they fixed the problem. If you have issues contact CS and they will help you. Best of luck!!

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The OP only talked about messages, not deliveries. :wink:


Hahaha, owh, I see it now… oops need glasses… :eyeglasses: Glad we have you @vickiespencer, where would we be without you. :smiley:

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Thanks.I want to know can fiverr mark my message as spam though message could not sent to the buyer.

Hopefully trying to read carefully? :slight_smile: