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Can fiverr give money back instead credit?

I purchase this gig from a guy on fiverr he told me he finish it within 2 weeks. Due date came he told me needed 5 more days because a family member just passed away and he hasn’t had time to work on it and apologized it and said he will be done in 5 days or less and hope he finishes within 3 days though. Due date today and I haven’t heard from him since the last Due date. I see him online and sometime I see him online like 16 min ago. I hate to be mean and report him and try get my money back but he been ignoring me. I don’t mind if he ask for more time again since he said a family member of his pass but I don’t know if I believe him now since I always see him on and as soon as I message him he goes offline and I view his profile and notice he recent finish some other gigs for people like 2 or 3 days ago by the reviews. I beginning to think I got scammed and lie to. I spended 400 dollars for his gig.


@demonbabe Based on your message, I think it will be better to contact Customer Service regarding that issue.


To answer your question from the title, yes, Fiverr can send your money back to your payment provider (unless you’ve used a payment provider that makes it impossible), but it’s not an automated process, and you will have to contact Customer Support and ask them for your funds (after the order is cancelled, of course).


Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Cancelling an order and getting funds back).

And this: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Refund back to my payment provider - I don’t want a credit).