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Can fiverr hide the balance on top of the page


Sometimes, when i am working, people may come in and i would not want them to see my available fund. I am suggesting that fiverr should hide it and not display it on the page. It could be somewhere unnoticeable so one can check whenever. what do you guys think?


A reasonable request. You should move this to “Suggestion Box”, just maybe someone from Fiverr will actually see it. :slight_smile:


i agree , i work in public and have the same issue


just right click on balance go to inspect you will see its code and available balance just double click on your available balace code and remove it then close the inspect tab


Or, you can just put a post-it or sticky note over that spot.


I do not work on fiverr where anyone can see my screen since it’s not just the balance in my account that is private but everything I do on my computer.


You’ll need a big post-it note for that! :wink:

But very sensible…