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Can fiverr remove this buyer as she is abusing the platform?

Dear Fiverr Sellers,
What I am about to tell you is disturbing.

I am new to this platform as a seller and I just became a Level 1 seller yesterday.

I got an order from a lady who also turns out to be a level 1 seller. She basically said give me a discount, etc, and I charged her 250$ instead of 300$ for a job (fixing her store) which took around 40 hours for me to complete. The job requirements were to perform all changes written on a list.

I finished them in about 40 hours and really worked with some attention to detail. Then, this lady said she wants to delete her store, and disputed the order, saying I don’t know what I am doing.

Now, I honestly don’t do this job on Fiverr to earn money. It is just a side-business. So I don’t really urgently need the 250$. But my ego is just really hurt, that I worked 40+ hours on this store, and she just disputes the order like I destroyed her store. I declined 5 of her dispute requests.

Now, everything is calm. But I recently saw another seller on her “reviews as a buyer” section, and he too, had the same problem. She took a service from him and disputed the order.

This is really frustrating and disrespectful to a person who spends a lot of time on the service.

How can I make this right, and get fiverr to ban this woman.

If the orders gets completed, she will definitely give me a 1 star, and vice versa. She doesn’t give a review based on the merits of my work, rather she wants to give 1 star to ruin my reputation. I know god is watching, and karma will play its tune, but still, its frustrating

Any inputs? I don’t want any other seller to go through this amount of toxicity on fiverr. Shame on her.

Have a good day!

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First up, sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with a buyer. It sucks when this happens.

In short, you can’t. It isn’t your call who Fiverr bans, or who they allow to operate here. We’ve all likely got people we wish Fiverr would ban, because they’ve wronged us in some way.

All you can do is make Fiverr aware of the issue, by submitting a ticket to Customer Support. I assume you’ve already done this, but if you haven’t, you should do so. If enough people do this, there’s a chance Fiverr may manually review the buyer, and come to the conclusion that they should not be operating on the platform. This does happen - Bad buyers are bad business for Fiverr too.

Out of interest, why did you offer the discount?


It’s not a small project. So you cannot afford to lose the revenue. Don’t worry about 1 star review. Mention your response to her review and that the buyer has been doing the same to other sellers as well. If your projects are going to cost a lot, how many times are you going to cancel because once in a while you would get such bad buyers.

If you feel you are just building your profile and you would be impacted by the review and its only an hobby for you, you can choose to cancel it and then block the buyer, but it won’t be long before you end up with another similar buyer.


She presented me with a sob story mate. Out of pity, I just felt like giving her the benefit of doubt, and she is a level 1 seller, with many great reviews, so I felt it was the right thing to do. Honestly, I don’t even need the money, I can do this stuff for free, its my passion. But when injustice like this occurs, especially when its taking advantage of other people, I can’t stand it… I have made the customer support team aware of this, I hope they evaluate her wrongdoings and bring justice.

Mate, you seem like a very reasonable man. I respect men like you. Thanks for the counsel. I am doing this as a hobby, but I still care about this. If you ask my clients about me, you will know that they really respect me, and thats what I live for, my respect and reputation. If I did speak rudely to her, or actually did something wrong, I would have cancelled the order myself and paid her some money for her inconvenience, thats how I high i hold my respect, and thats how I was raised. But when someone takes that from me…

But honestly, thanks for the advice!

Thanks sarkar, this website needs good mods like you. G’day mate!

I can understand that you don’t want her review on your profile which is unfair or not based on the quality or merit of work you did but on Fiverr you can get unfair reviews and ratings even though there is no mistake on your side. So I just wanted to say that because buyers are not always nice people even though majority of them are. The law of averages would give you one such buyer like this and you can’t lose huge revenues.

All the best anyways with whatever you do and if you feel you need to cancel do it but you can’t block the buyer without cancelling the order or completing the order. Also contact CS for best options.

  1. Please do not use fiver as a side business because there is a lot of seller who work on fiver as a side business not provide quality work not all seller just few so please do it full time.

  2. And its my request to all new and old seller if you had a bad experience with buyer then please do not give them positive feedback give them honest feedback. Because there is a lot of buyer visit fiver so just trust on ALLAH ( GOD ). Allah gives you money.

Thanks mate. I am planning on that, now that you said it. I am not cancelling the order, its quite an expensive one as you said, time and money wise. I will contact CS again just to make sure!

  1. SOME people in my niche are to be honest incompetent (frankly). A lot of people who turn to my services then say they have had a bad experience with so and so sellers. Fiverr is not a place to submit average work. Even though its my side business, I take it very seriously, hell more seriously than my current business to be honest :slight_smile: So, it is an invalid point that I am taking up full-time peoples jobs. To be honest, I myself know a lot of the good sellers in my niche. And if my customers haggle with me, I send them to my competitors who I know are competent (as a positive gesture and I don’t bargain). So, basically I am also giving jobs back!

  2. I completely agree with this. Although we believe in different faiths, I do believe the creator has his hands in the courts of justice.

Thanks for the points mate!

When I work hard to satisfy client but after completed this work she/he want to cancellation.That’s really painfull . you just contact fiverr support and share them what happened absolutely. no worries. Fiverr support team very friendly.

Mate, just for clarification, whats the fiverr seller support email?

sarkar isn’t a forum moderator, he just quoted your entire post (together with the actual moderator’s correction). He doesn’t know how to use the forum yet, and possibly believes (like so many new users) that posting in as many topics as possible will bring him sales (it won’t).


Oh my bad. He just lost my respect. Quite a pleasant profile picture you got there mate.

Sorry, you don’t get to decide whether someone works on Fiverr full time or part time.

Using Fiverr as a side business doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t provide quality, it only means that they’re not doing it full time.


He’s just new, many new users make the same mistake, because they’ve seen a YouTube video (or a course, or they’ve read a book) that tells them all sort of nonsense. And with everything being so new, it can be overwhelming, and therefore difficult to tell what’s true and what isn’t.

My first point is not for you @omkaargreat this only for those who do not provide quality work :slight_smile:

@catwriter I know I have no right for this please read out my all 2 points then you got the idea.

Because there are a lot of people who do fiver as part-time not gives proper intention in their project so the buyer loses trust from all so I am not pointing someone specific person.

There are many who say they do it full-time and yet offer nothing but scams and awful service.

Poor quality has nothing to do with whether someone does it full-time or part-time.


Do not use Fiverr as a side business? I work hard to delivery quality every time. As far as I am concerned, depending on Fiverr full-time is not feasible. Fiverr can block any seller for any reason. Boom. Your ENTIRE business is now tanked. I have been working on Fiverr for a little over a year and a half. Fiverr has been good to me, but I also have my “war” stories with buyers and CS. I know you were speaking in general, but I firmly believe that putting all my “professional eggs” in the Fiverr basket, so to speak, is very risky. Fiverr is not built for people to make a full-time job out of it.

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