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Can fiverr suspend this peoples?


In 5 minutes, two mans send me a offer on my seller account for some offers. Maybe he is the same person because he gives me a dropbox link and ask almost the same question like first guy, I quess what is there. He offers me to create account for him, Upwork account, because he live in China and Upwork is not supported in China. Advice for sellers, do not accept offers like this, and do not speak with them about other website and other jobs. If you send someone message with name for other website, your message could be blocked and automatically sent to support team for review. After that you can be in big trouble.


You can report him to Support yourself. You can make a ticket or click the “report” button in your inbox.


I report, both of them. I hope support team will suspend them, because someone can be in trouble because of them.