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Can Forum activity make more sales

Somewhere on this forum I read a line that was “be active on forum, then you will get more sales.” So is it true? Can a new seller make more sales by forum activity?

The short answer is: no, not really.

The long answer is that only a tiny fraction of all Fiverr uses (both buyers and sellers) use the forum, and even then, it’s mostly sellers. I’m very active on the forum because that’s who I am - I like to talk, and I like to be busy - but I’ve had less than 10 clients who told me that they found me via the forum. Maybe other sellers have had different results, but being busy on the forum hasn’t proven to be a money-maker. And, granted - I wasn’t trying to recruit clients from the forum - but all the same, I’ve found the following equation to be true: (forum activity)=/=(high volume of sales).

I agree with James. Activity on the forum doesn’t generate sales, at least not for me. I haven’t had any clients contact me because they found me on the forum.

Answer - No. I don’t come to this forum to look for sales, but to express myself as I don’t really get to talk to many people offline.

No, I don’t think so. People Usually think that if they will post in the ‘tips for buyers’ section then they will get orders but As others said there aren’t a lot of people who Uses the forum.

Thank you for such a great formula.

Yes, only when you use my fiverr gigs category advertising your gigs. But on tips for buyers, tips for sellers, conversations, ranting pot, you cannot make sales. Just advertise your gigs on my fiverr gigs section.
All the best

Maybe for some people it can work. I don´t know. I come to this forum and other sites just to keep me busy and say my bla bla bla. I live in a country side so we can have many dogs. Before this (not so long ago) we still lived in a city and I missed having many dogs. Anyway, I meet friends maybe like only once a week (either I come to their place or they come to my place). Not many things happen in my neighbourhood. Only the sound of rooster, some dogs barking once sometimes, birds and other non-human sounds :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe you can try the my fiverr gigs category to promote your gigs like @esthernyambura has said. Good luck.

Sounds like where I live, except for the bloody roadworks disturbing the peace!

Even if someone clicks your picture or name here and ends up on your gigs, it’s unlikely the person would be even interested in what your gigs offer. Unless they are very generic that everyone would love :slight_smile:

me not like roadworks either :stuck_out_tongue:

Not if one sounds like imbecile.

I have bought gigs from sellers posting on the forums a couple of times in 4 years, also had one buyer who mentioned they found me on the forums (though im not sure if they meant fiverr forums as i have mentioned my gigs on other forums).

Still its such a rare thing that i wouldn’t recommend posting in hope of making sales.
Personally i just post when i need some information or when i just need a 5 minute break from working. Atm while typing this its 8am and i have been at the office/workshop all night painting, now i’m waiting for the paint to dry so that i can apply a top coat and then head on home to apologize for working 12 hours longer than i promised i would (or come up with a better excuse than being a workaholic).

So far I had one buyer who purchased from me after I helped her on the forum.

On the other hand, a number of sellers seemed to think that I was Fiverr Help Desk.

I disagree with the majority here. I think that people who are active on the Forums do get sales because of it. For example, if I think someone is interesting, intelligent or knowledgeable, I will check out their gigs (I also check out those who seem idiotic but that is more as entertainment). If I need something that a regular poster offers, I will more than likely buy from them ahead of others. It’s happened a number of times and I’m sure the person I bought from didn’t put it down to the Forum but that is the source.
If a buyer asks for something I don’t offer or don’t have time for, I also suggest they try out certain people on the Forum. I have done that quite a bit and again, the seller in question may not know that it is from the Forum.

PLEASE NOTE: If someone just posts lots of rubbish, about their gigs or has idiotic opinions, that will guarantee that I don’t order from or recommend them!

I agree but dont think it would be worth the effort for someone to start actively posting just with the hopes of making more sales.
That being said i think any interaction anywhere can lead to a future sale. Doesn’t matter if its a road rage incident, saying hi to a stranger in the street, posting on a forum or whatever.

@jamesbulls I have a little doubt here, so if you could clear it, I will be thankful.
I understand that fiverr forum does’t really increase your sales, but
being active on fiverr forum can make you more visible and can get you views, isn’t it?
Having more views will help you getting your gigs ranked better on fiverr. Am I wrong?
I don’t know really… Please explain.