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Can freelancing represent a skill in your CV?


Hello guys. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!
As I’m thinking about getting a part-time job this summer and I’m already getting a few orders, I guess and hope that when summer hits I’ll already be a decent or successful freelancer.

My question is, does freelancing add up as a professional experience in a CV? Do you think it would help? Did you add it to your CV?



Absolutely. My CV / Resume is 80% about freelancing…

Here is a copy of my resume (without any personal / client details or links) - feel free to take it as inspiration when you are adding freelancing to your CV.

I haven’t used it for a while, but in the early days it was effective at helping me to get work.


many many happy new year .


Thank you a lot, Paul! I will consider adding freelancing to my CV.