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Can friend or relative order gig for me?

I have had a friend order my gigs because of Paypal restrictions in my country. All had gone well until now. A seller may have duped me through friend. Seller lumped two unrelated gigs of $10 for data research and $40 for Wordpress customization into one $50 gig and tagged it data entry.

“HI there,
I have got the message from your friend he was saying that he will send the order of 40$ i sent him the screenshort of our conversation that it is 50$ (10$ Data Entry Work + 40$ for website) but he didn’t reply after that.” Seller’s message. February 20th 2018

She finished the $10 data entry, marked the job as completed and claimed payment of $50.on February 22, 2018. It has since been a nightmare getting hold of seller who spends hours on Fiverr.

On February 28, 2018 She came online asking for more time saying grand mother was in hospital, promised to finish the wordpress job, now she has collected payment and no longer answering messages for 5 days running.
What are my chances of getting my $40 back to place fresh order?

You can open dispute or contact fiverr customer support :slight_smile:

Thanks. I appreciate your reply.

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You’re Welcome! @zone2wuse