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Can Gig Buyers Leave Negative Rating/Review After Cancellation?

There was a situation with a buyer from India who was being dishonest on one of our orders. Even after doing a great job on our gig, he still demanded a “full refund” immediately, started calling my business “a scam”, & making threats, even though he was in the wrong for being dishonest. He has sent me a cancellation request & I have the option to either “accept or decline” it. What I’m asking is if he will still be able to rate & review my gig if I “accept” to cancel. Would appreciate the support.

As long as the delivery is not late and if no review has been left yet and you accept the mutual cancellation, the buyer will not be able to leave a review.

If he made a threat take a screenshot of it and send it to customer support.
If you accept the cancellation no he won’t be able to leave a review.

Okay, thank you 2 VERY MUCH! I appreciate the support.