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Can Gigs be flipped?


Hi all, I have a Gig offering guest post, and might decide to sell my blog in the future. My question is, can I flip the gig to another fiverr user? so the new the owner of the blog will also have an established fiverr gig.

All helpful feedback welcome.


Ya. It’s a no.

But why would you want to? I understand what you’re saying, but your personal profile on Fiverr is you, not the site. You could turn around at any time and start selling any kind of service with your Fiverr account.


i doubt it unless you gave them your login details which is probably against the t&c’s?


That’s a shame :frowning:


@bigbadbilly I understand what you’re saying, but I just want to flip the gig, not the whole account.

Anyway I wrote of to the Fiverr team and they confirm that this is not an option, but said they would look into adding this feature.

As business owners we should always be looking at building assets we can sell. You might for whatever reason decide to end your gig, it would be such a shame to just pause/end your gig after establishing and building up a viable service. It would be much better to exit the business with a profit, especially if you have put all the systems in place. Businesses are sold every day.

If anyone else feels the same way, why not comment on this thread showing you are in favor of flipping/transferring Gigs and we can submit this thread to the Fiverr team… Worth a try?

To more income possibilities.



Ahhh. I see what you mean now. And ya. It is a good idea. Basically, you’d be selling the gigs reputation and feedback. Hmmm.