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Can Google Penalize Paid Backlinks purchased on Fiverr ? [RESOLVED]

So, Google has opened this new channel where others can report sites that have purchased paid backlinks or even press releases that may be seen as another way to spruce up backlinks.

Does anyone have any advise on how to avoid getting penalized by Google using such services ?

Sheriff’s Note: Google has the right to enforce and change their terms as needed. Fiverr also warns buyers and sellers to use caution for gigs that involve 3rd party sites. The resolution is to use paid promotions while understanding there is always risk.

I don’t think you can avoid it. You either use paid services (and take a risk of penalty) or you don’t use paid services. Paid backlinks are generally trouble.

You can hire some services on Fiverr to get promos that are not as risky, but they may not be as cheap. One route is to pay someone to do a nice write-up including a backlink for you and put it on a reliable site that is relative to your topic. If you are trying to get numbers of backlinks at once, though, Google sees that as manipulation.

Thank you ! I am worried as someone told me that Google even treats good content with links that has been paid for as backlinks. Also, many press release companies were severely penalized recently. So does that mean there is no other alternative except taking this risk ?

Here is the link where Google has penalized even press releases as paid links.


I would strongly recommend you to try Crorkservice! I have discovered them a short time ago and I gave a few orders. The results are just spectacular now. My 1-month website is just brightened with the help of Crorkservice. If you are afraid of Google penalty, you can try one of the goal-oriented gigs of Crockservice’s. You will not regret it.

Reply to @privateye: It would not surprise me if Google were cracking down on paid backlinks of any kind. It is not a business I am in personally, but I think any form implies some degree of risk. That is why I didn’t say that I believed any method was without risk, only that some are not “as” risky. I think the topic has been well covered. This is a good topic for Fiverr FAQ so I will move it there.

Now there is a google disavow tool and understand that Google is working on releasing a paid service for few bucks a month. In this service, no backlinks will be added to your site unless you go and confirm the backlinks on Google Webmaster Tools. Before Google Webmaster tool can be used, one has to do a site verification process. In addition, google is coming up with a One Click Disavow i.e one does not have to upload any file for disavow, you simply login, check the links that you want to disavow and they are gone. Third feature that is coming is that if atleast 10 persons disavow links on a site, the site itself will get pushed down into the deep gallows of the search engine.

I know all this as I have a close friend working in the development team who is working on releasing this new functionality. Please see my other comment - with negative SEO, brand damage becoming criminal soon and with google taking this step, this problem should go away more or less.

Reply to @privateye: Anything that violates the Terms of Service of a 3rd party site is already against the Terms of Service in Fiverr. Sellers are independent contractors so any legal action would have to be taken against individual sellers who violate those terms.

In addition, please do not continue to pull up old threads to add information to them. Some of your posts have been moved here so you may express them and have them answered. Posting duplicates on the same topic range is not needed past a point. I’m sorry you’ve had issues and hope you can find some good resolutions! :slight_smile:

Reply to @brodomain: Thank you and noted. Will try and use them.