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Can I accept custom offers if my account is on Vacation Mode?

Hey everyone,

I’m busy over next couple of months and I want to limit my Fiverr Sales.

I have some direct buyers and I only want to work with them for a month or two.

My question here is, If I put my account on vacation mode or pause all my GIGs, would it be possible for me to still accept custom offers?

Yeah. I wonder… I would want an answer to this too. Hoping someone can shed some light on the matter :smiley:

I’ll bump this up because I’m curious about it as well. If gigs are paused:

  1. Can we still send custom offers?

  2. Will our Fiverr Anywhere direct order links still work?

haha, we might end up needing to ask Customer Support to answer us. Seems like no one has an answer yet for us. @pfpgogo @usam97