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Can I accept gigs only after i finish current gig

I seem to remember something I could select where it would only allow job request as I finished any gig in progress.

I’ve been accepting most of my work from the Buyers Request area. I typically make as many offers as i’m allowed until I actually get a buyer. That being said i have had a buyer ask me to do a job that I had to decline because I was already involved in a job and was working against the timer / countdown. Is there a property I can check that flags me as unavailable until I deliver the job I’m working on?

You can limit the numbers of order you have on a particular gig. To do so, go to Gig, click a gig and you will see something like this.
Then Turn On the button “Limit Orders in Queue” set a number for this and you are done.
However, it’s better to have multiple orders at a time in queue. There are sellers on Fiverr who has 300+ orders in queue on a single gig.