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Can I accept orders to start countdown?


The title explains it.
I made a gig and someone brought it, but I didn’t receive a notification in Fiverr. I later checked my email address and found notifications. My problem is that I didn’t accept his order but the countdown started anyway; and I only became aware of it when he gave me poor review after the order got cancelled. I thought I need to accept the order before the countdown started. How can I manage for example if I started receiving many orders at once and I can’t satisfy them in the deadlines? This process is confusing me…


There’s no way to “accept” or “reject” an order; as soon as someone buys your gig and fills in the buyer requirements, the clock starts ticking.

Have you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service? That should give you a better idea about how Fiverr works.


thanks for the quick reply =)


On your dashboard you can go: Selling > My Gigs, then click your gig(s) and set a maximum amount of allowed orders in queue. That means, if you for example set 3 like I have in my screenshot, and 3 people have ordered that gig already, fiverr will automatically pause that gig, so you won´t wake up to more orders than you can handle. You can ponder to which number to set that, depending on how much time your gigs take you to do etc., or if 3 gigs got ordered but you checked them and know you can still handle some more you can adjust that number, it´s pretty flexible as you can adjust it for all your gigs separately.

If you keep the ‘Keep direct link active’ slider on, former buyers can still reach and order your gig through their direct link to it, even if it´s momentarily paused, and I still can send custom offers for that gig,so since I usually get my orders through custom offers anyway, that works quite well for me.


Once you create a gig it means you are ready for work and don’t need to accept to do it. You need to download the fiverr app so as to get notifications