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Can i actually post my website address here


Can i actually post my website address here on this forum in order to direct people to see all my logo projects. My logo project is my CV. Is there any way to make this happen.



  • As long as there are no contact details on your website.
  • As long as the website you are sharing is a Fiverr Permitted URL.


My website has a contact page. I can’t remove the contract page. Is there any other way out


Unfortunately no. That’s would be against Fiverr’s TOS.

May I ask what platform your website is built with? It seems strange the contact page can’t be removed.


Also note that your website cannot have a contact page AND it must be on the approved list of URL’s to put it on the forum. Links that aren’t on the approved list aren’t allowed for promotional purposes. You may only put links in the My Fiverr Gigs category as well, but so far it does not sound your website URL would be allowed anywhere on the forum or on Fiverr.


I can remove the contact page of my website but It will not make any sense to me. Why should I remove it in the first place. I run a WordPress website with a free theme. I think I have found a way of advertising all my project works to Fiverr. Which is via the “my fiverr gigs” category. Thanks for the reply


I see Wordpress sites being used a lot - Fiverr should really add it to the allowed URLs list. Especially since it’s better looking and more modern than blogspot/blogger and tumblr IMO :stuck_out_tongue: