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Can I add a .PDF file into my gig description?

I’m done with “playing with fonts” in this stage of my career. So I created a .PDF sheet with all the fonts I can and would like to use in my designs added a giant neon pink number next to each of them to will “kindly refer” my buyers to it to take a look and give me the number they like the most.

I don’t expect it to be a 100% effective solution but it will help somewhat.

The problem is, I’d like to have this .PDF in my gig description.

I created a direct dropbox link. The customer support told me I can share it with my buyers in inbox but not in my gig description and gave the list of sites I could use instead.

The only thing that looked usable there was flickr. I had to resurrect my decade-old account but it doesn’t seem to be supporting .PDF files. I can’t also put it into my gig gallery and waste an entire slide on that.

Is there any way I can add a link to the file to my gig description?

UPD: Specifically into the gig description, as a link?

Thank you.


Just and idea. What about to put your .pdf in Gig´s Gallery?


You would not need any link in description. Just short explanation to check out Gallery for more…

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you can use the pdf file in images section, after the 3 images the pdf will be shown.

you can add 2 pdf in it I think and one viedeo


3 images
2 pdf
1 video in GiG image section


I don’t want to waste an entire slide of my gallery on that, so it won’t work for me.

… or can I add a .PDF as a 4th slide? Hell, I haven’t updated my gig in a while. :slight_smile:

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Yesss. You can have .pdf in addition to Gallery images :+1:

I still wouldn’t want it in my slider to break the visual flow of things. But if it’s the only possible way, I’ll need to consider it.

Thank you!

First page of .pdf can have similar look as your Gig´s images. :wink:

Oh no, it’ll confuse people. Things have to look straight to the point and leave no room for interpretation. It’s the only way. :slight_smile:

Did you not read the part that said:

This is Pro thinking :clap:

Just two sentences that make perfect sense compared to many tips everywhere in forum.

I’ll just need some time to accept that my beautiful, wonderful, perfect direct dropbox link is okay to send via inbox but not okay to be in my gig description. I want it there. I thought I had a genius plan.

Thanks, everyone. :slight_smile:

I am sorry, I am not interested in fighting but Gallery can contain 1 x Gig Video, 3 x Gig Photos and 2 x Gig PDFs.

That´s all.

Yes, but the visual flow of things. I’ll start to get orders with people asking to put together font sheets after adding that .PDF. :slight_smile:

(I’m not fighting with you, I appreciate your help).

I understand what you want to say. It was just an idea that may not fit…

My “fighting” reply was addressed to @jake_hopkins not you @lenasemenkova.

All in peace.

I’m not sure if “fighting” is the right word, it’s just a healthy debate. My point is, if somebody (@lenasemenkova) says that they don’t want to put a PDF in their gallery, then they don’t have to. And I know what can be included in the gig gallery, but it’s up to the seller to decide. Not you.

I would like to find a way to do this also. I have .PDF files in my gig gallery but it seems like no one looks at them.

Can you somehow take a photo or screenshot of the PDF and post that on flicker? You could upload it somewhere then screenshot it.

I can do that on flickr but .PDF would be better because I selected 36 fonts for the list and .PDF would allow to zoom in pretty much indefinitely without losing quality to take a closer look. Otherwise, the previews will be too small to see anything.

In your questions you can say

Where can I see the fonts I can choose?

Just ask me and I will send you a link to a PDF file showing all the fonts I use.

I think this is better than putting it in the description anyway. And if anyone messages you with any questions you can send each one that link also.

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As most of the people have responded to your post, i too think that you can try it in gallery images.

Fabulous. I’m stealing this line. Thank you.

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