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Can i add a video in order for portfolio example

i needed guidance about adding a video to my order for portfolio exapmle - but my order has no connection to video i want to upload my client work experience with video

Yes you can, I have seen many videos from sellers but it’ll only appear if buyer wants to.

You can only do that for your gig video.

The porfolio is only deliveries you’ve done for clients that they have agreed to post there when Fiverr asks them.

I encourage you to research Fiverr Live Portfolio and learn how it works as you have misunderstood.


No, you can only upload your ‘Work’ what you have submitted to your clien.

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Yes. You can. However, it is better not to give if the client does not want.Many clients do not like it .Moreover, there is an option to add video to the gig. Where you can showcase your skills.

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