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Can I add a video which is made by different person?

I am not expert to create a video for my Fiverr gig. So I want to made by others.
So can I do that. Is Fiverr allow it???


If the person that you are getting the video from is okay with you using the video in your gig page, then it’s probably okay to use!

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As long as the video is of you and your services and not of another person it is fine for you to have a video made by another person.

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It depends on the service you are offering.

If you are offering video creation or video editing service then this is not allowed.

Please watch this video in GIG gallery, under GIG video policy.


The video did not work for me? But OP is a web developer not a video maker? So, would he be able to have someone else make his video?

There is no direct link to the video, you would have to go to your any GIG under gallery and click on the help section.

Yes, if he is not selling anything related to video making, he can hire someone to make him a GIG video. Same is for any service that is not design or creative, you can hire someone to make you artwork for GIG portfolio.


@frezons Znaš koliko ljudi zna čitati čirilicu?

Moraš pisati na engleskom ovdje na forumu. Plus ovo što govoriš je potpuno krivo i Fiverr ne dozvoljava.

Translation of his message:

Hello, unquestioningly, the video has copyright, but there is a possibility to avoid them. Here’s what I mean:
If you use not the whole video as the source, but break it into small pieces and mix it with your own, but as far as I remember, it should not exceed 50% of the total video volume.

And this is all wrong and not allowed.

Sorry. Unfortunately I can’t find my actual answered :frowning:

Told me one thing, suppose my one friend create a video(where a different face is present) for my gig. Can I use it??

No, you must use your face or logo.


oh a bad news for myself :frowning:
Thank you so much

Forum posts have to be in English due to limitations in the moderation team., please add an English translation with your reply. Google translate is also can be helpful.

If your friend gives you permission to use it, then you can!

@krheate Once say can once say no :frowning:
Please clear it :slight_smile:

It depends. Context is everything.

Are you offering video editing services? Of course you can’t use a video made by someone else, as people will expect your video to reflect your skills.

Are you using a talking head to explain your service? Of course it doesn’t have to be you, it can be a professional actor (as long as it’s clear it’s not trying to pass as you).

Basically it boils down to this - is the video misleading of your identity or skills in regards to the gig? If yes, you can’t use it. If not, you can.

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Everything is clear to me.
Fiverr forum need more person like you who is talented or helpful. :sweat_smile:

@visualstudios Thank you so much. :heartpulse:
@vickiespencer You too :smiley:

I think that it would be okay to use it IF you have permission, but buyers might have second thoughts about buying from you because your video is of someone else!

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Yeah you are right.
Ok no problem I will change my profile pic into a logo.
Thats enough!

If Fiverr requires us to have out own image or logo for our profile picture, it seems that the video should be the OP’s image OR an animated image, but not someone else’s face. However, this :arrow_down: could make the difference.

It really depends though. A profile picture represents you, a video may not, depending on what it is. My videos are made using stock footage, so they have a ton of people’s faces, none of which is me. Some of them also have voice overs, and it’s not my voice either.

If the video is talking in first person, like the gig owner, then yeah, it’s a problem. If the video is some guy saying “Buy this gig from ‘x’, he’s really great”, I don’t see how that could be misleading.

I found this:

  • We recommend your video contains your own voice instead of using a computerized narration. If you use a computerized narration, make sure it is high quality and close to your original voice.