Can I add Gig extras on TOP of my gig packages?


I want to add an option where clients can pay a little more to receive their reading in audio format.
3 packages just isn’t enough for me.
Any ideas on what I can do? I have no characters left to put it in my gig description anymore


Yes, you can add gig extras.

You could put some info in the FAQ section.


I tried again to add Gig Extras to a gig with Gig Packages but the Gig Extras do not show up :confounded:


You’ll see them when you edit your gig in the pricing section - buyers will see them after they’ve purchased your gig and can choose whether to buy them or not.


Can you see them?

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Whenever I try to add Gig Extras to my existing Gig Packages it never saves, then it also adds strange duplicates so it never goes through. Very disappointed.




What?! That’s insane. It does not show up in the gig below like it used to. So confused


Ok NOW I understand - it does not show your gig extras on the front page, but when you click “order” it will show the options. I guess that is covered!


For 7 months I was trying to figure out how the he// people were adding remote viewing to their gig when my package doesn’t offer it anymore lol


So a few additional extra’s just popped up in my shopping cart.

  • Remote viewing
  • Telepathy
  • Powerful Candle

Did you just add these?


Yep! I’m trying to apply these to the rest of my gigs but Fiverr’s being kind of glitchy with me today :confused:


Ughh I already did fml seriously

Update: Figured it out lol