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Can I add more days to a custom order after the offer has been accepted?

I have 100% delivery on time, however I have now a customer which asked for a custom offer and accepted it, he said he needed it by october 6 so I added 6 days as delivery time, however now he is waiting for some images to be ready (someone else is doing the images) , so he will supply the material to me after my custom offer expires, this means that the order will be marked as “late”, he is totally ok if I extend the number of days (especially as it’s his fault) , is it possible to either extend number of days or is there any way around it? can I deliver it and then if he request a modification later would the order still be marked as complete? I hope this won’t ruing my rating of 100% on time delivery , thanks!

This is a tricky situation. There is no official way to pause the clock on an order. Option 1) If the buyer is going to take less than 3 days then agree to set the order as delivered and get them to request a modification when they are ready to go. Option 2) Mutually cancel the order. The buyer will be refunded and this will not affect your ratings. Once the buyer is ready, then they can try again.

You can only add days, if your gig extra’s provide extra days, but this would incur your buyer charges.

What you can do, is deliver your order and ask your buyer not to click “finish” or “complete” this will then give you both three days, after these 3 days the system automatically completes because it thinks you have delivered. Communicate with your buyer. Tell them to only hit modify button when they’re ready for you to actually continue working - this will then start the counter again. But warn them you only have three days until automatic response from the system.

This would be a nice feature as I have the problem of buyers just ordering and not using my extras with additional time.
Here is what I would do in this situation

  1. Explain to the customer how important the delivery time is in Fiverr world.
  2. Tell him that you will close the order if he still does not have the image but will still complete it within the agreed time frame so in 6 days of receiving the image.
  3. If he agrees all is well. You can close the order and then in 6 days when you complete it send him the finished file.
  4. If he disagrees, then you can cancel the order and tell him to re-order when he has everything.

If he requests a modification, the time does not stop and it can even show as late.

Always think to suggest the fiver customer care about this… The reason is I also face such kind of orders in which some items aren’t ready…
And some buyers it’s not easy to make understand the new buyers about the process of delivering (deliver and do the work later on)…
So I think a there should be a adding days option that should be APPROVED by BUYER…

yes there should be, I will deliver one of the 3 videos I did so that it will be marked as complete and then tell him I’l deliver the rest. Normally I don’t have this issue as the buyers need to submit the material before the order starts but next time I make a custom offer I will add many many more days just in case :wink: thank you very much guys for your explanation! much appreciate!