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Can I add multiple gigs in the same category?

Hello everyone, Can I add multiple gigs in the same subcategory. like I’m working as a WordPress specialist. In WordPress the main category is “Wordpress”. and subcategory is “Full website creation”, “Customization”, “Backup”, “Performance” and so on. I already have two gigs in under the “Full website creation” category, and now I’m thinking to add one more gig in this same category because my previous 2 gigs and upcoming one gig are in the same subject. Now, What should I do?


Under One category you should maintain only one gig and it will easy for you to maintain and market your Gig. Also finver editorial team don’t like to keep more than one gig in the same category. One you nominated for top rated and fiver editorial team will not select you due to this reason.


@irshan_cool thanks for your response.

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