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Can i add my own portfolio website link to fiverr profile?


i am seeing there is an option to add portfolio link to fiverr profile. can i add my own portfolio website link there? or what? see screenshot.

thank you.


Possibly not, there are a set of pre-approved links which you can add on your profile.

If you place any link other than those in the list, Fiverr will deactivate your gig or possibly remove your account.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I’d like to officially complain about this. I’m not moving my portfolio to another site since I pay or my own and…why no pinterest?


You can complain by submitting a ticket to customer service.


There is an option on my profile to add a portfolio url. There are no restrictions listed and the popup info box says its for sharing my portfolio link or website. After I added mine, I checked and it did not show up on my profile. I submitted a request and cust serv. responded with this b.s. : "This option is for internal use by our editorial department and it does not show on users profiles"
So I sent them screenshots of what I saw as a seller, and also the view a buyer would see.
Bob responded with this: "I understand that you are pointing what you can read but as informed this information is not intended to be shown on user profiles"
Holy hell, are you kidding me? Why is the option there if it’s not being displayed on our profile as indicated? What a load of crap and a half.
I’ve attached 3 screenshots here.


screenshot 2


screenshot 3


Hey Can I add my Fiver Profile link to this site ? ******************* Please Tell me. How can i add fiver profile link in this website.