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Can I add my works on my other site's portfolio?

This has been on my head for a while, but when I can and when I can’t share my works that I do here in other sites or at least my personal portfolio which I send sometimes to studios?
I heard people saying that I can do regardless of what happens here, but at the same time I understand that maybe some buyers don’t want their orders shared.
On the other hand, some of them I worked really hard and I want to show that in other places so I can maybe have some job opportunities.
Which one it’s right? Is there any politic on this topic? Can I get in trouble for this?


You can’t do this without permission from your buyer.

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So how can I ask about it? Just directly? And about the ones that I already finished months ago?

Suggest you read the part entitled Ownership in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Everything as to how Fiverr works is explained there in great detail.

Basically if it is client we cannot use it because it client property and he/she pay us.

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It belongs to them when you sell it to them. So it is not yours and can’t be used without permission.

Just say you would like to show the work on your other site and do you have their permission?


A bit tangential to the original topic, but I’ve sometimes wonders who owns the reviews and if they can be used elsewhere. I’ve seen social media ads with people’s reviews from here in them.