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Can I add new Tip Jar Gig? Is that against Fiverr terms?

I saw Level 2 and top rated sellers have Tip Jar Gig in profile. Can I add new Tip Jar Gig? Is that against Fiverr terms?
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Besides being redundant, it’s not a good look IMHO, and I wouldn’t do it even if it was possible.
But I think (If I recall correctly) that there’s a rule in the ToS that prohibits from making non-serious gigs, meaning you can’t make joke/humorous gigs, gigs that don’t actually deliver any real work, etc.

I wouldn’t do it. You could contact CS and ask if it’s allowed. It doesn’t mention tip gigs in the TOS as far as I know, but they’re not really needed now that there’s the tip function. Also there are limits in the tip function I think (like I think it’s limited to a certain % of the order value) and that limit could be overridden with a tip gig and Fiverr probably wouldn’t want that so they probably wouldn’t really want tip gigs. Some level 2 and TRS who had them have removed them.

Most likely added years ago, before the tip feature was introduced.

As far as I know, there’s no strict rule against it, but with the tip feature, it’s sort of redundant. Not to mention that they can make you look unprofessional, unless tips are common in your industry.

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When I was new, I had a tip jar. I never received any tips through it. All of my tips came through my deliveries, so I deleted that gig.