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Can i advertise my gigs on my website?

Hi guys!
I am preparing a new website, and I want to place all my gigs on my “services” page, so my visitors will be connected with my Fiverr Gig pages.
Can I add my Gig videos and links on my page/site or will there be any issue with Fiverr rules?


Yes, you can do that. There’s a option called “scale your business”. You’ll see the HTML code to embed your fiverr profile. And also you can make custom deal on your gigs and connect that with your website.


you can do that. Fiverr track you always what you do and using custom code on your gigs, can get more order from your clients. :+1:


That’s great!
Where can i find the option “scale your business”?

In header you just click on “more” Then you’ll find that option.

Can I embed my profile (url) on my website?


Navigate to More, Scale Your Business and Copy/Paste the code to your HTML.

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you can do this so that directly can get order from your clients.

Of course you can. :smiley:

I just see the option " Bring Your Own Business".
Thanks for the tip!

surely you can. there no problem with that.