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Can I advertise my other gigs, within a gig description?


So this might sound like a strange question. If someone is viewing my gig, it may not precisely meet their needs. Can I let them know of other related gigs that I offer, in case they might fit the buyer’s needs better?

This would also help the issue of certain gigs mysteriously disappearing from search results. At least if they found one of my gigs, it would be easy for them to see that I have other services that cater to the same industry.


Fiverr already shows other related gigs on a gig page specifically for this scenario (there’s a section “Recommended for you” right above the FAQ section, showing gigs that Fiverr recommends based on the gig a buyer is currently viewing), although it might be other sellers’ gigs shown, too.

To answer the title question, I don’t think this is allowed - just imagine everyone doing that, the gig descriptions would become less of a description and more of a link building strategy, and after all it’s a gig description, it should only describe what the gig is about.

Buyers can simply click on a seller’s username or photo and they’ll see all the gigs that seller has, and many already do that :slight_smile:

P.S. however, feel free to get in touch with Customer Support and ask them, maybe they make exceptions :slight_smile:


It would not be a smart thing to do for this reason: they clicked on that particular gig for a reason, which is that it caught their eye. Make the most of that. Don’t suggest they leave to see other gigs of yours.


If only Fiverr would’ve listened to this advice before showing other “recommended” gigs on every gig page :roll_eyes:

But now that they’ve added that section, at least they should let us control what “recommended” gigs to show.


I know, and they have always done this periodically and it is just not a good idea at all. Let the buyer click the buy button once he is on a gig, not get distracted and leave.

This actually results in fewer sales overall, not just on our gigs but in general on the site. There should be a smooth transition from someone seeing all the thumbnails, clicking on one that catches his eye, then clicking the buy button.


Let’s hope not. After all, let’s remember how many times sellers (including myself) have said “buyers don’t read descriptions”, “buyers purchase without looking at a gig page”, etc. And given that the “recommended” section is below the description, that should give it minimal exposure :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember noticing when my sales dropped I would always check and sure enough there would be the thumbnails of my competitors on the bottom of my own sales pages. Every time.

Then when they took them off, sales would go back up. That’s how it works. And they don’t go off and buy someplace else, they just give up and leave the site.

Instead of shifting into buy mode, they shift into forever searching mode, then leave.


Yes you can - you can cross- sell from one gig to another so you don’t lose a potential sale.

For example, if you have a gig offering blue widgets, you can say in your gig ‘not looking for blue widgets - visit my other gig for awesome red widgets’ or words to that effect, so the buyer doesn’t have to go away from your gigs to find what they want. :slightly_smiling_face:


well, what I ended up doing is putting in my FAQ “do you offer this other type of service?” and putting the link there.

Much cleaner \ more intuitive that way. I figured if fiverr doesn’t like it:
A.) Their website would say “hey don’t link to another gig here”
B.) CS will let me know.

incidentally, when advertising research services, I’ve been asked “will you write something for me?” Which led to me creating a new gig for writing, and what looks to become a regular customer.