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Can I advertise my service on website?

Hi, can i advertise my gig on my website that can may help to get some client from my website as the most of target audience of my website is from Western countries?
Thank you

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Yes Definitely. You can advertise your gig there.

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yes!!! You can share your gig on your website and you definitely should! That is a great way to drive traffic to your fiverr gig. :boom: :ok_hand:


Don’t share your website link here bro otherwise Fiverr admin will banned your account.

Yes. You can advertise your gig there.

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how do you do that ? i mean by sharing the profile link or the gig link separately?

yes of course you can.Even i use it on my blog post.

I’ve advertising my Fiverr Gig Page on my website in the past.

I doubt it has brought me any new business, but it was there for a while.

I find I get better response when I talk about my Fiverr work in my Blog.

of course you can. Any idea?