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Can I ask $30 for partial work and the rest as extra for $20?

Hello everyone,

A buyer asked me for a task. I am able to make some of the components hes asking for, but there is this one component which I think might not be possible to make.

Can I get the order for $30 for the components I can work on, and after working on those, I try working on the “Not possible Component” to see if I can make it work somehow. If I am able to make that component, I will create an “Extra service” for $20 and able to receive $50 total. However, if I was unable to do so, there would be no need to go any further and I will just receive those $30.


Yes, the system can work this way as long as this is clearly stated to your buyer. To avoid any confusion I’d use a different order rather than as an order extra though.

Create a custom order for the tasks you know you can do and explain to your buyer that while you work on this order you will see the feasibility of the other tasks and you will, if you find you can do them as well, send another custom order for those.


This wouldn’t break any kind of rules right? Like making multiple orders in order to get more reviews?

Well, are you breaking down the order to get more reviews? Then there you go…that’s your answer.

As I said you can use an order extra as well I just find it easier to be done with an order than reopening it for an extra task.

For me by creating a custom order saying that you may or may not be able to perform some of the tasks in it opens yourself to liability.


Thanks for taking your time to help me, I will go forward with either extra service or custom order.

Why would you want to try and sell a service to a client that might not work?

You are opening yourself up to stress, and disappointment and negative feedback from your buyer when you fail to deliver what the buyer is expecting.

Think about it. Your buyer might give you 5 star feedback for the first order, and 1 star feedback for the second order.

You will end up far worse off as your average feedback score will take a massive hit and no other person is likely to buy from you.

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Geeze, this sounds complicated and UNFAIR to your Buyer. I’m certain your handling of this order will make the Buyer dazed & confused.

Why in the world :earth_americas: would you want to do this?

The rule of thumb is completing work that YOU are capable of completing. Refrain from offering services that you’re not skilled in doing to avoid problems. ALWAYS aim for a pleasant Buyer experience. :pineapple:



The buyer isn’t a paid litmus test to see if you can do something. It’s disrespectful and contradicts the whole reason people order things. They want it done well and they want a return on their investment. They’re not paying you to experiment.

The idea that someone should pay you to see if you can do something… No.


Is this something that you previously discussed with the buyer?

If they said sure I’ll pay you $30 for the stuff you’re absolutely certain you can do, and afterward you can try the “Not possible Component”. If you succeed with the “Not possible Component”, I will gladly accept your $20 extra order.

If this is the case, I do not see a problem with it.


It is just as @j6nyc6 said. I already discussed everything with the buyer before we even started anything. I discussed list of every task I have to work on with the buyer. After getting all the things I have to work on, I said to him “It might not be possible to work on this 1 component, are you still ok with that?” . He said “You can exclude this, I just need the other components quickly”

Its not like I told him that I am an expert and will do anything you ask for. I told him exactly what I can and what I can not do.

Then I posted this post on the forum to see if there is some way I can still help. Now, I have already told him and he’s fine with it.

Thanks for your responses :slight_smile:

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That’s fairly common in the development field. A lot of times there isn’t a one size fits all sort of solution, so it depends on what the buyer wants, which components they already have and which components (whether third party or custom code) we may add while still making sure it all works together flawlessly

I once have a piece of code that would work flawlessly on my server but not on the clients due to a missing module that their host wouldn’t allow.

If anything he’s being considerate to his buyer by only accepting an order that he is sure he can fulfill. And as it has been well explained to the buyer, they had the choice to backout of the deal.

I understand where you guys are coming from but I think it’s mostly due to the not being used to this particular field.

@stalha97 I hope you are able to get that final component working for your buyer. Good luck!

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@urdeke Thanks a lot, really appreciate your support :smiley: