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Can I ask a permission to publish art in my social media portfolio?

I’m an artist and I do art commissions mostly, sometimes I design characters and do other illustrations, and sometimes client has no problem of giving permission for me to publish the commissioned art in my portfolio (not Fiverr’s). Can I ask for permission to do that (without giving links to my social media pages)? What if client agrees but asks for links?
Have any of you got such an experience?
Thank you!

Hi there,

This is a question that I’d pose to Fiverr Customer Support.

Sometimes, jobs are too big to upload through Fiverr so some folks use Dropbox to deliver them. That’s a link from the outside so it seems like that would be an example similar to sharing your out of Fiverr portfolio.

But it would not hurt to drop them a line. They’re usually very fast about responding. Give them a shout! :slight_smile:


As long as you put in your gig description/FAQ that you reserve the right to use any products, delivered or not, in your portfolio. I think @dizzinea misunderstood your question.

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I’m not sure I want to put that in my gig description, I’d prefer to ask a client from time to time for the artworks I’d like to share, for example. But thank you for this idea!

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Fair enough. I just looked at your profile too and your illustrations are really good! Keep it up!:+1:

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Thank you so so much! :heart:

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