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Can i ask buyer about their life, profession and daily routine?

Can i ask buyer about something like their profession and life???


Why would you do that? This is a business platform, not Facebook!

Your buyer’s personal life is none of your business. It is also not at all related to your gigs.


Keep in mind that it could be understood as very unprofessional. Avoid it!


Ask about the necessary information not something like personal. Hope that you will understand.


Just being casual with him when I have time

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Will this affect my profile?

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I do not think it would be a professional manner!


It can be harmful for my profile?

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Ok thanks I will avoid it now

Yes. (20 characters)

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You are welcome. Have good luck.

How It can be harmful???

I think that the buyer will annoyed. And think that you are unprofessional.


Ohhh that’s the serious issue then

For example you could get negative feedback, you could get warned for harassment, you could get warned for requesting personal information, etc. See?


I think so. Have a nice tome.

Why do that?

Why chat happy friendly nonsense with people who are busy?

Are you trying to steal time from their day?

What would you gain?

Maybe you need to go on plenty of fish instead?

If any buyer asked me about my personal routines I’d cancel their order and tell them I don’t work for anyone showing stalker like characteristics.


Only if you want them to see you as unprofessional (the best case scenario) or as a crazy stalker or possibly a criminal.

What makes you think that someone who hires you to do a job wants some idle chit-chat just because you’re bored? If you wish to talk to someone, don’t you have friends and family?

They could think that you’re unprofessional or a maniac, give you such a terrible feedback that nobody who reads it wants to work with you, report you for highly inappropriate behavior (and you could get permanently banned for that)…

What gave you the idea to ask your buyer private questions?


It is a better way, you should not to get involved personal life in professional life.

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If it’s in any way related to the service you provide, you can (and should) ask that. If you’re just trying to make small talk, you’re risking to make someone uncomfortable. Don’t do that.