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Can I ask buyer to leave review?

So, a buyer has marked order complete but didn’t leave a review, may be they don’t know about that or forgot or they dont want to. Can I remind them for this ? Is that ok to ask to leave review ? I’m not after a 5 star review neither am going to tell them to leave positive feedback as the order went well but does reminding them is ok or not ?


Not unless you want a warning. This has been discussed many times in the forum. Use the search bar to find all the posts about it …

how you approach that ?

I am telling them “If you like my services ,please share it.Which will help me to grow more.Also you can share your experience with your friends,colleagues and family”.when they read it i hope they understand what i want to say

Okay cool. I saw couple of threads and it seems not legal to ask for a review but my question is if the buyer is not aware of it what’s the problem to just tell them as a reminder, is that also against TOS ?

yes,you shouldn’t speak about review.

Fiverr sends out reminders about three times. You don’t need to.

Any reference to reviews is seen as manipulating the review system and is against TOS. Move on.

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Alright, I was not aware of it. Thanks!


Sorry, but I don’t see how a buyer would read between the lines here.

You can’t ask a buyer for a review. Accept it early in your Fiverr career. You will feel better overall if you have authentic, non-solicited reviews.

I am an occasional buyer myself, and I know that Fiverr reminds me of the opportunity to leave a review. If I chose not to leave one, it is my business. If you ask me for one, I might not give a 5-star one, especially if that was my reason for not leaving a review in the first place.

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yes,you are right.For this reasons i always try to satisfy my buyers but sometimes some new buyer loves my work mostly and also give tips for giving them a better service but they don’t give any review.For this reason i ask a new buyer about that then he told me that he thought that this is not a big deal for a seller for this they don’t give any review or give lowest reviews.