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Can i ask buyer to rate me?

Hello, I know that it is against Fiver Tos to ask for 5 stars rating/review. but all i want to know is is it legal to remind the buyer not to forget to rate us or to leave a feedback at the end?

It is not against ToS per se. However, I have read that buyers already get reminded (by Fiverr) not once but TWICE to post a review. So, I don’t think they need any more “reminders”.

There is also a possibility for the buyer to either block you or report that message (where you ask them for a review) as spam.

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Not at all, When you type 5 star you will automatically get a warning.

You can ask them multiple times but not such a way that leave 5 star review.

You may ask politely.

"If you really liked my job then please do not forget to rate the order.

I shall be really thankful to you.

Best Regards"

I hope this will help :slight_smile:

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The OP already understands that it is not allowed to ask for 5 star ratings.

why would you repeat what the OP has already said?

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I did not read the complete post.

I apologize, If i disturbed you.

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