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Can I ask client for Gmail address?


I’ve a gig where I’m providing service to create Google forms. To transfer the ownership of the form to the client, I need their Gmail address, so that I can transfer the form and the linked spreadsheet to their Google drive.

Will I be penalised for that?


You should only ask a client email if it’s required in a website page or anything else.

And if you are going to get the client’s email for direct contact, that will lead to ban. And remember be honest with fiverr give a 20% to them because they deserve it and far away then deserve they own it.

And if you want to ask then place a note saying " This email is for order fulfill and attach a screenshot of the website page or flyer or poster anywhere necessary

Also, I recommend checking Fiverr Seller FAQ’s.


I’m asking Gmail address because it’s required. Actually I need to transfer files to their Google drive, and for that Gmail address is needed.
I’m not trying to contact them using the Gmail address.


Message the buyer in the order page and place a note like this…

Note: I’m asking gmail to complete the order it’s necessary for Google Drive to transfer files.


Oh, thanks for your effort.


It might be a good idea to contact Customer Support, explain it all to them, and ask for their help and how to do it so that it doesn’t get flagged as a suspicious activity.


I am so confused. Why did you even start talking about Fiverr’s 20% fee when the OP’s first post had nothing to do with it?

Besides, if doesn’t matter if you are being honest with Fiverr or not as they don’t make decisions purely based on what you tell them. They have their own ways and methods of ensuring everyone is abiding by the ToS and finding out if the users are being truthful or not.


For newbies, I explain everything in details. People get buyers direct intouch and remove fiverr from it’s way. That’s why I wanted to mentioned and read the seller’s faq above.