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Can I ask Fiverr to stop a buyer from contacting me?


So I got a buyer who was very demanding and asked me to do things that weren’t part of our agreement and demanded me to do things I didn’t agree to, I put other orders on hold because she was just really demanding I had to spend so much time working on her order because I was afraid that it’d negatively affect my ratings if I refused working on the order. Good thing I managed to deliver works to my other Buyers on time and without disappointing them but hell it was a pain. When this one buyer started to make no sense at all with her demands and my service was over I requested a cancellation to refund her telling her I couldn’t work on her order anymore, she declined and she wouldn’t let me go. So I asked Fiverr to cancel the order for me providing screenshots of crap this buyer put me through, and Fiverr cancelled the order. This buyer then messaged me telling me Fiverr cancelled the order and that she’d re-order my gig so I can get the money I earned and telling me the things she still want me to get done, but I don’t want her money as I think she’s just trying to keep me working for her as she kept doing for 9 days, I just want her to leave me alone. Do you think Fiverr will help if I ask them to block this buyer for me? Anyone has ever experienced this?


Although this has been discussed (and ranted about) pretty much since the beginning, Fiverr has never chosen to let us refuse an order. You can only block her messages to your inbox, but of course if she orders again, she’ll communicate on the order page. I doubt CS will even cancel her order unless/until she behaves badly again, but then you’ll be able to support your request to cancel again.

Consider this a “character-building” experience~

Good luck!


Reply to @celticmoon: Thanks for answering. Ahh this is so complicated. :frowning: