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Can I ask for a Byline as a Seller?

As a writer on Fiverr, I think this may be against TOS since I can’t provide a buyer with my legal name, but I was wondering if we can ask buyers to use our name for a byline on their articles that I write. Is it against the rules to ask for this? Maybe even use my username as the Byline, but who wants their business site’s byline to read: Written by Ducktheunicorn?


Because your buyer pay you and its only buyer property.

You could ask CS for a definitive answer. Any conditions would need to be shown in the gig description (or at least somewhere in the gig I think) before the buyers purchased the gig though.

eg. the TOS says:

When purchasing a Gig, Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the Seller on their Gig page

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It sounds like a bad idea to me to do that.

You’re right, it makes perfect sense on any other platform and is common. I guess I am still getting used to everything on Fiverr and how it is a much different marketplace than when freelancing on your own website.

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Our number one priority here is to make our clients pleased with our service and anything like that could set them off, as well as all the competition you have here, and none of them probably do that.